Fashion footprint

The textile industry has a huge social and environmental footprint in relation to energy use, water consumption, and waste produced.

“A typical t-shirt has a carbon footprint of about 6kg – that’s 20 times its own weight.” Domain-b

Fairtrade clothes

Fairtrade labelled clothes ensure a transparent supply chain, fair pay for workers, safe working conditions, and environmental consideration. The Fairtrade program also funds welfare, education, health, and training initiatives for vulnerable workers and gives third world communities a chance to grow and prosper.

Gradus stocks clothing with the Fairtrade label so you can be sure that you are getting ethically made clothing and making a difference.

Organic cotton

At Gradus we prefer organic cotton, which is pesticide and chemical free, and great alternative to traditionally grown cotton. Without pesticides to contaminate the environment, organic cotton farms are safer for workers, their families, and their communities.

Labour Exploitation

Ever wonder how some fashion brands can sell clothes so cheaply? The answer is modern day slavery. Millions of workers farm, process materials, and sew clothing in sweatshop conditions. Their employment may not be their choice, their conditions are often unsafe, and they are grossly underpaid. Thanks to the size and lack of transparency in the textile supply chain, the exploitation of these workers is easy to hide and deny knowledge of.

Labour standards & certification – Fair Wear Mark

The Fair Wear mark is a certified label for brands that are committed to supply chain transparency, a living wage and safe conditions for all workers, and environmental consideration. The Fair Wear program gives producers and workers in emerging economies a fair go, and offers benefits such as stable prices, education, farming assistance, and environmental sustainability.

Choosing Fair Wear clothing means you are making the ethically correct choice and helping to improve the lives of textile industry workers.


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