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Name & origin

Gradus was a roman unity for length, measuring the distance covered by a step, roughly equivalent to 0.74 meters.

founded by

Gianmarco Fochetti in 2017

Started in

Brisbane, Australia.

About Me. Briefly.

After graduating from Business Management at the University of Pavia (Italy), I decided to pack my backpack and undertake a long journey to the other Side of the World: Australia, where I’ve been residing since 2015. I spent the first two years travelling around the major cities, it gave me the chance to better understand people’s behaviours and characteristics in different areas. After that, I chose to keep studying Business-related subjects in order to complete my professional profile with an international course and to understand how the Business world works Down Under.

This Country with its unique landscapes, stunning sunsets and amazing people, deeply changed and evolved my perspectives. Among other things, I learned to truly respect diverse cultures and the surrounding environment (which parallel Gradus’ core values).

Our Products

From the beginning, we decided to create a product that not only was environmentally friendly but also helped raise awareness for the things we are passionate about. Through our products we’ve tried to inspire showing respect and helping to protect both Nature and her People. To do that we’ve spent months scouting for the right supplier, which meet the highest standard that suits our values.

Our products prove that it is possible to produce cotton clothing without any detrimental effects to the Earth’s soil, water or inhabitants, whether they be animals, plants or people, or to its climate.


The Carbon Trust calculated that without the use of renewable energy, the carbon footprint of our Men’s white T-shirt in size Large would have been 6.574kg CO2; it now stands at 671g which represents an 89.79% reduction in CO2 emissions.

The 671g carbon reduction label represents the Men’s white T-shirt size. Each different size has a different CO2e value, as do different colours. CO2 represents the CO2e equivalent. This means that has been looked at all the green house gases including methane, carbon monoxide, etc, which all have an impact score relative to carbon dioxide.

Ethically manufactured

Our Garments are organic and ethically manufactured solely based on the idea of sustainability through energies generated from wind and solar power. We are totally committed against children labour.

Our clothes are certified by International Accreditations such as GOTS, Carbon Trust and Fair Wear, which guarantee sustainable processes and respect for ethical standards.

Along with these results, the aesthetics of our designs remain of a high quality with the key components of comfortability not forgotten in this process.

Our Customers

Our customers are “eco-lifestylers”, adventurers who particularly care about environmental and ethical issues.

Travel Like-Minded people who recognise the importance of these problems in order to totally enjoy every step of their journey into unpolluted areas and among healthy local communities.

The most important characteristic of travellers is that they experience things directly and see things from different perspectives; their passion helps the sharing of knowledge. and awareness.

Giving Back

Life is not just about “taking”.

This is why we’ve chosen to give back. For each and every item sold, Gradus will donate to organisations that operate to protect and restore ecosystems around the World.

We partner with Carbon Neutral, and I’m grateful for the support of our customers that allows us to continue to raise awareness and give back to nature.

After all, that’s what we are all about.


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